June 27, 2017
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Specialized Courses/Training

MMIST provides our clients with a thorough selection of training services. Various training courses are available that are geared toward each different type of user within the community.

Course materials are supplied for all participants in each course.  Courses can be given either at the MMIST's facility, at the client's premises or at a one of several MMIST approved ranges worldwide.  The following list provides a cross-section of the types of courses offered by MMIST:

Comprehensive Training Packages include:

Basic UAV Operator Training – Fully familiarizes the end-user with the components and capabilities of MMISTTM UAV Systems, including mission planning, parachute rigging, user level maintenance and system operation.

Advanced UAV Training Course – This course fully teaches UAV Operators how to train new operators. During this course the students will increase their knowledge level of MMIST UAV systems (SherpaTM or SnowGooseTM) and includes advanced mission planning concepts.  Upon successful completion of a final exam, the students will be certified as SherpaTM or SnowGooseTM Trainers.

Depot Maintenance Training – Certifies technicians with the ability to maintain and repair the MMISTTM UAV systems (SherpaTM or SnowGooseTM) over the entire product life cycle

Yearly Refresher Training Course – Develops existing End-User operational skills and introduces them to new software, features and engineering modifications.


We also offer a general course surrounding all aspects of aerial delivery:

Technical Course on Aerial Delivery – The purpose of the Aerial Delivery Course is to present the various methods of Aerial Delivery and Helicopter Under-slung Delivery, paying particular attention to the technical considerations that relate to each method.  It can be tailored to accomodate to users of  any experience level, ranging from novice to advanced.


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