June 27, 2017
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SAR: Surveillance and Reconnaissance

The CQ-10 system's modular payload bay configuration and high endurance flight capability is ideally suited to surveillance and reconnaissance missions requiring persistent on station loiter.


  • Plug and play payload bins with fully conditioned power supply
  • Capable of carrying any UAV or helicopter camera system
  • SATCOM and line of sight video feed
  • EO/IR cameras with laser designation and ranging


  • Line of sight voice, video and data communications
  • SATCOM voice, video and data communications
  • SINCGARS, Thales MBITR, BFT relay (Blue Force Tracking)

Force Protection:

  • Persistent perimeter observation, 24 hr 7 day coverage from 1 OPSET (operational set, 2 aircraft and support equipment)
  • Placement of unmanned ground sensors
  • Non-lethal interaction with targets via illumination flares and loud speaker system.

Fire Control and Damage Assessment:

  • Detect, observe and illuminate the target with EO/IR camera packages.
  • Direct or indirect fire control with target illumination or MGR/Lat /Long coordinates.
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