June 27, 2017
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The SnowGoose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), NSN 1550-01-505-3010, is a multi-purpose, autonomous, aerial cargo delivery system with a payload capability of up to 575 lbs carried in 6 individual cargo bays. It combines MMIST’s latest developments in autonomous guidance and precision cargo delivery.

It is equipped with a powerful and reliable, light weight, Rotax 914 turbo charged aircraft engine matched to a composite 3 blade propeller resulting in ease of maintenance and low ownership costs. Full autonomous flight is complimented with remote monitoring and flight control from the ground control station, which is line of sight and beyond line of sight SATCOM capable.

Modular payload bays allow for multi-missions capability with simple integration of a wide range of available payload equipment packages. The SnowGoose is a proven and rugged EMI resistant platform.

The airframe is composed of a lightweight aluminium alloy material and is designed to withstand in excess of 10 g shock loading during operations, this design criteria results in an exceptionally rugged system capable of operating in hard environments.

The SnowGoose has a high load carrying capability and an exceptionally long, on station endurance capability of up to 15 hours flight time when carrying 100 lbs of payload. System safety is greatly enhanced by the use of the parafoil or gyro rotor head wings, which have greater than 3:1 glide ratio when the UAV propulsion power is removed.

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