June 27, 2017
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Sherpa Ranger

The Sherpa™ Ranger system is a compact “turn-key system” which enables rotary or fixed wing aircraft to precisely and cost-effectively deliver their loads from the safety of significant horizontal and vertical standoff.

Specifically designed for small bundle re-supply, the compact, lightweight SherpaTM Ranger Guidance Unit is ideally suited to deliver small cargo bundles of 100 lbs to 2200 lbs to re-supply special or conventional forces working in a Distributed Operation (DO) environment.
Built with the mindset of a common Guidance Unit, the Ranger is designed to easily integrate to two different MMIST parafoils to support a contiguous payload weight range of 100 - 2200 lbs.  It also features a versatile dual purpose cargo/manpack design, capable of also flying a para-trooper to a pre-determined target without manual intervention.


The SherpaTM Ranger Advantage:

• Better than 100m CEP landing accuracy
• Compact and lightweight guidance unit (33lbs with battery)
• HAHO/HALO programmable drogue delay
• Precision guided from deployment to landing
• Compatible with Paratrooper flightpaths
• Replaces the need for a tandem bundle parachute system
• Dual purpose Cargo / Manpack guidance unit
• Optional SAASM GPS
• Wireless 802.11 / Wireline Mission Planning

All Sherpa™ variants are fully autonomous GPS guided, waterproof, offering SAASM GPS support and an optional remote manual control, featuring the unique ability to reprogram the target point in-flight with the push of a button. Sherpa™ systems feature a robust ability to overcome adverse winds, and offer significant flexibility with respect to dispatch scenarios.

With an industry unique programmable drogue delay, the Ranger and Provider are fully HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) and HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) capable.  All variants feature fully guided ram-air parafoils which maintain positive control of the load throughout the entire flight, with a final soft landing at approximately half the rate of descent of low velocity round parachutes.

All Sherpa™ systems are provided with the MMIST LaunchPADS™ Multi Mission Manager, for easy stand alone operation.  Moreover, Sherpa™ systems are fully supported by the US Department of Defense's Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS) mission planner, which forms part of the standard PADS training program.


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