June 27, 2017
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Product Overview


The SnowGoose cargo UAV is a multipurpose aerial platform which autonomously delivers up to 575lbs of cargo to up to six individual locations, including medical aid, food and water, or PSYOP leaflets. This UAV can be ground-launched from a truck or trailer, or air-launched directly from a C-130 or C-17 aircraft.

Each cargo bay accepts modular electronic payloads, including mobile phones, radio relay, FM / TV broadcasts, EO / IR video, loudspeakers, meteorological sensors, UGS dispensers, SIGINT, and EW payloads.

The CQ-10A includes two different parafoil wing kits, a ground launch kit and an air launch kit.  In its ground launch configuration, the system is launched from a HMMWV (M998 or 1097) or a trailer.   MMIST and its partners are developing a third wing kit for the CQ-10, which enables the system to launch itself without the need for ground support equipment, enabling not just delivery of cargo, but also cargo extraction.  This exciting new variant, called the CQ-10B or “Bravo” is a near Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft with more than four times the range of its predecessor.



Sherpa PADS enable safe, accurate and cost-effective delivery of cargo from a variety of fixed / rotary-wing aircraft. Sherpa systems achieve high accuracy without dangerous low-level flight, enabling cargo delivery in mountainous terrain, zero visibility, or outside the reach of MANPADS. PAD is also an IED-proof cargo delivery method.

All Sherpa variants are fully autonomous and GPS guided; SAASM GPS and remote manual control, with the unique ability to reprogram the target point in-flight with the push of a button, is also available. All variants feature fully guided ram-air parafoils which maintain positive control of the load throughout the entire flight, with a final soft landing at approximately half the rate of descent of round parachutes.

Sherpa variants feature a robust ability to overcome adverse winds, and offers significant flexibility with respect to dispatch scenarios. The Sherpa Ranger and Navigator are HAHO and HALO capable, thanks to a uniquely programmable drogue delay.  Sherpa systems are supported by the US Department of Defense's Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS) mission planner, which forms part of the standard C-130J training program.



The new MMIST Launch-PADS™ Multi-Mission Manager offers an advanced mission planning environment which can be used to plan a multitude of different mission scenarios, including Sherpa™ PADS System release footprints, Unguided High/Low Velocity CDS (Cargo Delivery System) CARPs, as well as Personnel CARP/HARP points.  The system features an optional Meteorological DropSonde & A/C Cargo Bay GPS Re-Transmission System.



MMIST is proud to offer LCADS (Low Cost Aerial Delivery System) as a lower cost alternative to the A-22 Container Delivery System (CDS) specifically for missions when recovery of re-use of the delivery system is unlikely.  The LCADS design features lower cost polypropylene material.



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